Creatives revitalizing rural communities

The Alliance for Creative Rural Economies (ACRE Partners) is a scalable model to bring creativity-driven and COVID-19 responsive economic development to rural areas across western Pennsylvania and beyond; meeting creatives where they are in their creative career journeys and offering multiple levels of support and resources to achieve business stability. 

ACRE Partners aims to support local, regional, and national creative entrepreneurs that are interested in achieving creative fulfillment, financial resilience, and social impact in the Johnstown area.

Our Partners

With a recent grant from the Arts Equity Reimagined Fund, Touchstone Center for Crafts, JARI, Creator Square, and Bridgeway Capital’s Creative Business Accelerator team up to form the Alliance for Creative Rural Economies (ACRE Partners). ACRE Partners will support creative business growth and impact in the communities they represent and support.

Turn your creative passion into a sustainable career.

Creative entrepreneurs from across the region are welcome to learn more about Johnstown’s growing potential as a vibrant creative economy, and ACRE Partners will focus on helping those take meaningful steps to start and grow creative businesses in the Johnstown area.

Johnstown is an affordable, beautiful, and supportive place to start and grow a creative enterprise. The community enjoys an extensive creative ecosystem and economy with many arts organizations and gallery spaces. It has a charming downtown area with breweries and restaurants, and is surrounded by a wide range of outdoor amenities and recreational opportunities.

The support and resources from ACRE Partners will be tailored to each creative entrepreneur’s needs based on information gathered information sessions, intake surveys, and one-on-one conversations. Creative entrepreneurs who work with ACRE Partners will access the following free support:

  • Engaged in one-on-one assessment for creative entrepreneurship status and goals
  • Receive free professional services to boost business fundamentals like bookkeeping, marketing, and business planning
  • Participate in workshop and exhibition opportunities to expand creative practice and output
  • Receive subsidized studio space in Johnstown area appropriate for creative practice
  • Participate in peer group to leverage best practices for realize success in rural areas
  • Access to funding opportunities as grants and microloans to bring thoughtful plan to life

ACRE Partners aims to launch a comprehensive website to replace this landing page by June 2022. The website will celebrate the creative entrepreneur cohort contributing to Johnstown's revitalization and outline the many reasons the area is ideal for creative entrepreneurship.

Interested in being part of a future cohort?

We selected our first group of creative entrepreneurs to support, but are seeking additional resources for future cohorts. Please complete below if you are interested in being considered or want to stay informed about the project.

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