Bridgeway Capital empowers creative entrepreneurs to realize success and emerge as allies in rural revitalization.

The Alliance for Creative Rural Economies (ACRE) from Bridgeway Capital brings creativity-driven economic development to communities across Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia. ACRE’s partnering organizations support creative entrepreneurs (makers, designers, artists, craftspeople, and small-batch manufacturers) committed to sustaining and scaling their businesses in ways that benefit their communities. In partnership with local and regional stakeholders, ACRE also works to increase overall equitable economic opportunity in disinvested areas across a multistate region of Appalachia. ACRE is an integral part of Bridgeway’s larger strategy of promoting equitable economic development across the region.

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"ACRE Partners are committed to bringing creativity-driven economic development to communities across Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia. Through engaged partnerships and support, ACRE Partners are lifting up creatives and rural communities - together."

T.J. Bodgewic President and CEO, Bridgeway Capital

Unique Communities, Unique Contributions

ACRE’s partners work together to empower regional creatives to grow into impactful businesses that enliven cultural landscapes, strengthen local economies, create quality jobs, activate commercial spaces, and more. ACRE partners provide invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities navigated by creatives as they start, grow, and sustain their businesses in each community.

  • Offering space for ACRE programming and peer networking to take place
  • Identifying or supporting local market opportunities for rural creatives to increase sales and their customer base
  • Offering thought leadership on engaging and supporting a diversity of rural creative entrepreneurs
  • Assisting with outreach for potential ACRE participants during application cycles
  • Providing insights on local economic barriers and/or opportunities facing small businesses
  • Highlighting region-specific resources that could support participant growth
  • Advocating for the ACRE program and its participants within the wider community
  • Exploring opportunities for Bridgeway’s social impact investing and other business assistance programs

Program Leader

As Managing Director of Programs, Adam brings innovation and vision to Bridgeway’s small business support programs. His previous position was as the Executive Director of Touchstone Center for Crafts where he managed a wide range of activities including marketing, development, and program design. Adam also served as the Manager of Operations for the Arts Education Collaborative, an arts education advocacy organization under the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. In addition, he possesses 25 years of experience as a professional glassmaker in production and academic settings. Before transitioning into his current role, Adam started the Creative Business Accelerator, Monmade, PG&H, ACRE, and ORIGINS programs at Bridgeway which support over 2500 creative business across the region, and channels the CDFIs economic development capabilities into the regional creative economy.

ACRE Support is provided by:

Arts | Equity | Reimagined Fund

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Bridgeway Capital helps creative businesses grow their businesses in ways that support equitable economic development. Questions? Contact us to start a conversation.