ACRE Partner is supported by key organizations aligned in purpose, but the true impact comes directly from the creative entrepreneurs as the grow and evolve. Listed below are the members of the first ACRE Partner cohort for 2021/2022. They represent a wide range of creative practices, but all share one motivation as cohort members. Each creatives believes that Johnstown is the place to grow their creative business, and want their success to contribute to the community’s bright future.

Erika Blair Jewelry | The Allegory Gallery | Flood City Stitch | You In Flood City | This Year Photo Co.

V Ondra | Nate Weiss Metalsmithing | Mural Man Arts | Montour Lane Candles | ArtHouse6

Erika Blair Jewelry

Erika Blair

Erika Blair Jewelry is a one-person artistic business, specializing in the design and creation of fine jewelry and housewares. Taking inspiration from natural forms and historical objects, Erika Blair’s mission is to create finely crafted, heirloom quality pieces that have a lasting impact on people’s lives. She aspires to achieve this through thoughtful design, story telling, and symbolism. Based in Johnstown, PA, her works are available in person at Sitara Studios & Gallery, and online.

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The Allegory Gallery

Andrew Thornton & William Jones

The Allegory Gallery serves as a creative space that is one part bead store, one part jewelry boutique, one part fine art gallery, and one part gift shop. Allegory Gallery promotes artisan craftspeople, inspires the community, and acts as a focal point for classes and artistic education in the area. Allegory Gallery offers a vast selection of beads, gemstones, visual art, and beading and jewelry classes. Based in Ligonier, PA, Allegory Gallery explores the possibility for programming and a second location in Johnstown, PA.

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Flood City Stitch

Karlie Kendig

Karlie Kendig is the hands and heart behind Flood City Stitch, a woman-owned small business in Johnstown, PA. Flood City Stitch specializes in hand crocheted and knit children’s items, wearables, and home décor. There’s always a little something for everyone, and her hope is to create handmade items that can become an heirloom or keepsake to be treasured in your home.

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You In Flood City

Tasha Adams & Kayla Adams

You in Flood City is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that curates unique experiences through tailored events and projects. The creatives behind the group, sisters Tasha and Kayla, shine a new light on the Johnstown area through organizing interactive events (like the annual downtown Zombie Crawl), empower the community through beautifying spaces (like The Little Red Mailbox of Hope), and celebrate the city by partnering with others to bring great projects to the area (like Cycling Without Age).

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This Year Photo Co.

Cory and Jen Shoff

This Year Photo Co. is a videography and photography company with a mission to capture the memorable moments in other’s lives through artistic authenticity. Located in Western PA, we specialize in weddings, events, lifestyle photography, family portraits, products, and small business/personal branding. Our foundational vision is to bring wholeheartedness, originality, and reliability to clients with our own vibrant style.

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V Ondra

Ivy Ondra

Ivy Ondra is an artist and metalsmith based in Johnstown, PA. Inspired by hiking in the woods, their work focuses on organic forms in metal. Ivy is interested in capturing ephemeral moments of nature in a permanent medium. Their studio is currently based in the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center in Johnstown and is open to visitors by appointment.

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Nate Weiss Metalsmithing

Nate Weiss

Nate Weiss is a metalsmith with a focus on pre-industrial blacksmithing. Nate uses hand-driven techniques to create tools, hardware, and fantastical objects. Inspired by refined and embellished objects from the 17th and 18th century, Nate applies a modern sense of design to manufacture a unique take on ancient forgings.

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Mural Man Arts

Christopher Tower

Chris Tower grew up in North East, PA and earned his BA in English from Penn State. He is a self-taught artist who has been painting murals on a commission basis for over 5 years, while also creating smaller artworks for sale. His murals can be found in places like Pillar Park and Stonebridge Brewing in Johnstown, as well as Erie, PA. He works out of a studio in the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center in Johnstown and is open to visitors by appointment.

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Montour Lane Candles

Jim and Laura Argenbright

Montour Lane is a small-batch candle company, featuring exceptional hand poured soy candles in attractive and unforgettable fragrances that evoke life’s pleasures…nature, nostalgia, comfort, romance and passion. Jim Argenbright has perfected his craft, pouring more than twelve years of experience into every candle, ensuring consistent burn and aroma. Jim and his wife Laura feature the Montour Lane candle collection in their artisan boutique, The Artique Gallery Market, located in downtown Johnstown, PA, where they offer carefully curated fair trade, handcrafted and vintage goods.

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Marcene Glover

Mixed-media painter Marcene Glover works from her studios in Johnstown, PA and New York City, NY, with residencies and exhibits in Italy, France, and Norway. In her loft studio, Marcene creates bodies of work and collaborative projects. Marcene founded ArtHouse6 to bring her international experience and NYC colleagues to Johnstown. The ArtHouse offers studios, galleries, and lodging for creatives to develop their creative practice. It is a vessel for creative experiences that includes exhibits, showcase performances, and salon-style gatherings that engage local art patrons.

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