Why Morgantown?

The Morgantown area has so much to offer its residents and businesses – including an uncompromising combination of labor, capital, education, research and quality of life. These are all important factors to attract and retain the best employers and employees.

The presence of West Virginia University, a skilled and educated labor force, a large health care industry, outstanding recreational, cultural, and entertainment programs and facilities, and the continued growth of advanced technology industries and government installations all translate to a promising future here, one of the best small towns in the country!

The Morgantown area is blessed with some of the richest natural, outdoor recreation opportunities in the country. As the home to West Virginia University and several major employers, it provides residents and students with a mountain metropolitan environment that is prosperous, yet relaxing.

Reasons To Be Here

“Best Small Places for Business and Careers”
by Forbes

Cost of living:

9% lower than

the national average

Median Housing Cost:


A Low Cost of Living

9.7% less than

Pittsburgh, PA

13.2% less than

Philadelphia, PA

34.9% less than

Washington, DC

60% less than

New York, NY

Within 500 miles of 50% of the
US population and 33% of
Canada’s population

Pittsburgh, PA – 1h 20m

Philadelphia, PA – 5h 05m

Washington, DC – 3h 36m

New York, NY – 6h 09m

Cleveland, OH – 3h 12m

Columbus, OH – 3h 12m

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada – 4h 45m

Toronto, ON, Canada – 6h 17m

ACRE Morgantown Partners



We'll be adding the profiles pages on the creatives selected for ACRE Morgantown over the spring and summer of 2024. We just selected an amazing group of entrepreneurs that are excited to grow in ways that help Morgantown thrive.
Adam Kenney Managing Director of Programs

Past & Future

Morgantown is closely tied to the Anglo-French struggle for this territory. Until the Treaty of Paris in 1763, what is now known as Morgantown was greatly contested among settlers and native Indians, as well as the English and the French. The treaty decided the issue in favor of the English, but Indian fighting continued almost to the beginning of the Revolution. Since that time Morgantown has developed the finest educational, research, industrial, health and transportation facilities available in the area. A healthy business atmosphere and strong community effort assures that Morgantown has a lot of history to come.