Why New Kensington?

New Kensington, despite being a small town, has a rich and vibrant history that dates back to before the Revolutionary War. Today, residents still take pride in their past while looking forward to a bright future. Although the city faces challenges, there are those who believe in its potential and are actively working to reinvent it using modern technology. For instance, the Schreiber Industrial Park, which formerly housed Alcoa, has been acquired by the city and is being developed to attract high-tech manufacturing.

In addition, Mayor Guzzo has established the “Corridor of Innovation,” a stretch of commercial blocks on Fifth Avenue designated for small and start-up tech companies. The Corner, a tech and innovation incubator created by Penn State University’s New Kensington branch, is the anchor of this corridor. The co-working space, which has recently been renovated, offers offices and conference rooms for start-ups and visiting businesses.

Join the optimism catching on in New Kensington.

Reasons To Be Here

Cost of living:

13.8% lower than

the national average

Median Housing Cost:


A Low Cost of Living

6.6% less than

Pittsburgh, PA

21.8% less than

Philadelphia, PA

74.7% less than

Washington, DC

95.6% less than

New York, NY

Within 500 miles of 50% of the
US population and 60% of
Canada’s population

Pittsburgh, PA – 31m

Philadelphia, PA – 5h 4m

Washington, DC – 4h 11m

New York, NY – 5h 59m

Cleveland, OH – 2h 34m

Columbus, OH – 3h 31m

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada – 4h 31m

Toronto, ON, Canada – 5h 50m

ACRE New Kensington Partners

Anchoring New Kensington’s Corridor of Innovation, The Corner catalyzes and celebrates the city’s transformation into an inviting home and business destination for entrepreneurs and small business. Thoughtfully designed and equipped for individuals and small organizations, local residents, and visiting businesses, The Corner is the place to do business and grow your community.

The New Kensington Downtown Partnership is a non-profit organization with a mission to drive economic development activities and opportunities for the New Kensington area. Projects such as night markets, public art, beautification initiatives, and cultural events are all supported by NKDP.

Meet the ACRE Creatives

Past & Future

During New Kensington’s post-WWI economic boom, Alcoa, a major employer, earned the city the nickname “Aluminium City.” Long-term community members recall a thriving and safe downtown that was a popular regional weekend destination. However, the decline of industry and Alcoa’s departure in the 1970s and 80s led to the downtown’s decline. In recent years, a coalition of local stakeholders has been working on community-centered projects to support and promote local entrepreneurs. This work continues today with the goal of revitalizing the community.