stated that COVID has negatively affected their creative and/or educational pursuits


experienced a loss of income from the pandemic*


felt a lack of creative input or connection with other makers

We are committed to using the arts as a transformational asset for neighborhood revitalization and increased economic sustainability for us all.

Western Pennsylvania is ripe for economic redevelopment, using the arts as a catalyst. However, it can be difficult to attract artists to the area due to the rural nature of the region.

By connecting creatives to local resources, individuals, businesses, and opportunities, ACRE aims to encourage relocation, inspire a new breed of creative entrepreneurs, and build a stronger, more resilient artistic ecosystem in rural communities across western Pennsylvania, and beyond.

Working at the intersection of the arts, economic development, and community revitalization.

For Creative Entrepreneurs

You have an idea waiting to be born, a passion ready to be explored, or a skill to be learned. But yet, many of us struggle to jump the gap from where we are now to where we want to be. ACRE Partners provide creatives with access to equipment, studio space, business education, professional services, and a sense of community to help them turn their passion into a sustainable profession.

For Rural Economies

Creative entrepreneurship helps rural economies. It gets people out of their homes and re-energizes the downtown space. It provides business leaders with a means of attracting and retaining the top talent they need to thrive. Lastly, it provides vital income to local merchants and puts people to work.

For Revitalized Communities

The toll of the pandemic is heavy, but the arts can be vital in recovering from the crisis socially. From pop-up poetry readings and art classes to gallery crawls and public projects, we are committed to providing cultural opportunities that get people out of their homes and heal the loneliness caused by the pandemic and social distancing.

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