The Johnstown area’s post-industrial economic hardships are well documented. While the challenges are significant, there are also many signs of positive change.

Exciting performance spaces, innovative collaborations, and fresh strategies are emerging. Entrepreneurs, artists, and other creative thinkers are participating in community development conversations and adding a fresh perspective. Projects ranging from business incubators to community cooperatives are shining elements in local commerce and development.

This is the next chapter of Johnstown’s story. All that’s missing is you.

Let’s dig into the numbers.

Within 500 miles of 50% of the US population and 60% of Canada’s population

  • Pittsburgh, PA: 1h27m
  • Philadelphia, PA: 4h10m
  • Washington, DC: 3h59m
  • New York, NY: 5h10m
  • Cleveland, OH: 3h23m
  • Columbus, OH: 4h09m
  • Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada: 4h55m
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada: 6h07m

Named one of Forbes Magazine’s Best Small Places for Business & Careers

  • Cost of living: 16% lower than the national average
  • Avg. Housing Cost: $87,000

A Low Cost of Living

  • 32.8% less than Pittsburgh, PA
  • 34.1% less than Philadelphia, PA
  • 54.1% less than Washington, DC
  • 59% less than New York, NY

Start exploring.

From art organizations and gallery spaces to amazing restaurants and breweries, people are thinking outside the box, taking risks, and bringing life back to Johnstown.


Welcome home.

Johnstown is a city poised for change, and things are just getting started. Discover where your creativity fits in and dream a vibrant, creative future with us.

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