Why Wheeling?

Wheeling has big-city amenities in a small-town package. Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors, visit interesting art galleries, experience a performance by the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, or catch a Broadway show at the historic Capitol Theatre – Wheeling has it all…and then some!

Like most post-industrial cities, Wheeling has experienced decades of population and economic decline but in recent years has worked to reverse these trends. Wheeling is shaping a brighter future through investments in new industries, buildings, and programs designed to improve Wheeling’s economic environment for all our residents.

Perhaps one of the best things about Wheeling is that it’s a place where you can make a difference. Whether you are volunteering for an organization, getting involved in city affairs, or starting something brand new on your own, Wheeling offers the space and support to explore these possibilities. In the years to come, Wheeling will continue to grow by honoring our rich past and striving toward a promising future.

Reasons To Be Here

Winner of the “Great American Main Street Award” by the National Main Street Center

Cost of living:

24% lower than

the national average

Median Housing Cost:


A Low Cost of Living

17.3% less than

Pittsburgh, PA

27.6% less than

Philadelphia, PA

54.9% less than

Washington, DC

74% less than

New York, NY

Within 500 miles of 50% of the
US population and 60% of
Canada’s population

Pittsburgh, PA – 1h 08m

Philadelphia, PA – 5h 28m

Washington, DC – 4h 44m

New York, NY – 6h 46m

Cleveland, OH – 2h 39m

Columbus, OH – 2h 00m

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada – 4h 33m

Toronto, ON, Canada – 5h 50m

ACRE Wheeling Partners

Wheeling Heritage’s mission is to be a catalyst for the revitalization of Wheeling. They accomplish their mission by (1) recognizing, communicating, and preserving Wheeling’s heritage, (2) actively collaborating with others, including through public/private partnerships, (3) focusing investments in downtown and the riverfront area, and (4) engaging the citizens of Wheeling in our projects, programs and activities, to the benefit of all.


The mission of RED is to create business opportunities in West Virginia by generating new jobs and stimulating the economy. RED Partnership is a one-stop resource for development programs as well as business environment, demographic, economic and community information in the Wheeling region, including Ohio, Marshall and Wetzel Counties.

ACRE Wheeling Creatives

Beth Bedway

Ecosystem Coordinator

Beth and Adam Bedway are the owners of East Wheeling Clay Works. In 2019, theses creatives were introduced to the CBA and Bridgeway through programming in Morgantown, WV. The relationship blossomed into multiple supports for the Bedways including helping them purchase their current studio storefront. Because of this quality connection their deep roots in Wheeling’s creative economy, we asked Beth to serve as our Ecosystem Coordinator in the are to help identify more creatives to follow their path to creative fulfillment, financial resilience, and social impact.

East Wheeling Clay Works



Past & Future

As the birthplace of West Virginia and an early industrial hub along the Ohio river, Wheeling holds a unique place in American history. Originally settled as a military outpost and officially established as a town in 1795, Wheeling’s dramatic setting, resources, and history exemplify the rise, fall and revitalization of the American city whose past is intimately bound to its future.